"Kraken" Luminos


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color and size: White Red-S

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"Kraken" Luminos

The glowing tentacle dildo

Immerse yourself in a world of sensual pleasures with the "Kraken" Luminos, the ultimate toy of the year. Each of these unique dildos is unique and promises a completely new and more intense type of stimulation. This imaginative tentacle dildo takes you into a realm of absolute pleasure. But that's not all - the "Kraken" Luminos glows in the dark and transforms your most intimate moments into a magical experience.

Made from high-quality silicone, the "Kraken" Luminos offers a smooth surface and a variety of pronounced bumps. This exciting design provides unparalleled stimulation and makes your deepest desires come true. Thanks to the firm suction cup, you can ride it hands-free on smooth surfaces and completely let go.

Experience how even the quietest waters come to life with the "Kraken" Luminos. This unique product promises incomparable sensual pleasures and immerses you in a world of passion and devotion.

The "Kraken" Luminos is not just a dildo, but a ticket to a world of sexual fulfillment. Be ready to be embraced by the tempting tentacles of this fantasy octopus arm! Every single dildo is handmade and carefully crafted to provide you with a high quality product. Use the flexibility of the "Kraken" Luminos to live out your wildest fantasies. Attach it to smooth surfaces using the strong suction cup or strap it into a strap-on for shared lovemaking.

Prepare to become addicted to the intense pleasure that only the "Kraken" Luminos can provide. Experience the magic of the glowing tentacles and make your fantasies come true!


  • Material: silicone
  • Total length:
  • Import length:
  • Diameter:
  • Weight:
  • Strap On suitable: YES
  • Suction cup: YES
FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What are fantasy dildos?
Fantasy dildos are unique erotic items that are characterized by creative, imaginative designs. They are made of high quality silicone and TPE and are specially designed for sensory experiences.

What size are the fantasy dildos?
Our fantasy dildos are available in different sizes to suit individual preferences. From handy models to spacious designs - LOLLYPOPPY has something for every taste.

Are the Fantasy Dildos safe to use?
Absolutely! The safety of our customers is our top priority. Our Fantasy Dildos are made from skin-friendly materials, free from harmful chemicals and undergo strict quality controls to ensure worry-free pleasure.

How do I clean my Fantasy Dildo?
Cleaning is easy. After use, rinse the dildo thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. Alternatively, you can also use a special toy cleaner. Make sure to clean the dildo before and after each use to ensure optimal hygiene.

How discreet is shipping?
Your privacy is important to us. Your fantasy dildo will be shipped in neutral packaging without any information about the contents. The sender is also kept discreet, so you don't have to worry. Your little secret will stay safe with us.

color and size: White Red-S

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Hey you! Don't you deserve something magical in the bedroom? Discover our fantasy dildos - creative sex toys that take your intimate adventures to a new level! Immerse yourself in a world full of unique erotic items made of silicone and TPE.

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Experience sweetness and sensuality with our fantasy dildos

Our motto "Make your life sweet" embodies our passion for making intimate moments special. Our unique fantasy dildos bring fantasies to life and offer unforgettable experiences. At LOLLYPOPPY, sweet temptations and sensual discoveries are just a click away.

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