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Discounts and vouchers

Where do I enter my discount or voucher code?

On your smartphone:

- if you need to enter your delivery address, you will find a tab at the top "View order and enter discount code"

- simply enter your chosen discount code here, pay attention to upper and lower case letters and you will immediately see in the final price that it worked

On the desktop:

- You can find the field with the discount code on the right-hand side

- Simply enter your chosen code and see how your amount is reduced

Please note that with express payment such as Apple Pay you cannot enter the discount code straight away.

Can I combine a voucher code and a discount code?

Our variety of discount codes, bundles or voucher codes cannot be combined with one another . We have a variety of promotions especially for this so that you have a choice and can choose your personal, suitable code yourself. Our support is always there for you if you have any difficulties or questions.

My personal voucher codes and discount codes have been redeemable for me for a long time

As long as we exist, you can redeem them with us.

Do you have an overview of your discount codes?

You can find a good overview of all the activities -> HERE


What payment options do I have?

We offer you several payment options:

- Mastercard


-Apple Pay

- Google Pay

- Instant transfer with Klarna

- On account with Klarna

Please understand that with “immediate transfer” and “on account” with Klarna, we can only continue to process your order once Klarna has informed us that the payment has been received. This usually takes 1-2 banking days.

You can find all further information ->HERE

How can I cancel my order?

If you made a typo and noticed it when confirming your order, simply email us with your order number and you can cancel or reorder it. As long as you have not yet received a shipping confirmation when we have shipped, this is unfortunately no longer possible. The only option is to send your order back to us upon receipt, including a cancellation.

You can find further information ->HERE

How do I get my money back?

Once we have received and checked your ordered items, we will contact you immediately. If all requirements are met, we will instruct the repayment using the same payment method you chose when paying.

More information -> HERE

Will discounts be paid back on returns?

Unfortunately, we are forced to deduct discounts if the previously stated requirements for the discount are no longer met.

How do I submit my cancellation?

- In writing by email to us

It is important that the revocation is received in writing. Refusal of delivery is not part of the right of withdrawal and you will be charged for the return shipping costs. An automatic chargeback will not occur because we don't know what happened.


What does “Discreet Shipping” mean?

Every package comes to you neutrally packaged and not marked with a LOLLYPOPPY lettering or address. Nobody can tell who it comes from or what's inside.

Is shipping free?

We always ask for phases in which shipping is free from the first euro.

Our system will tell you how much your shipping costs are during checkout. In any case, shipping is free for orders over €79.

You can find further information ->HERE

How does the return shipping work?

If it happens that you have to send something back to us, please contact us first by email and tell us your problem. We will always find a solution.

However, we reserve the right not to cover the costs for return shipping. Please contact your trusted shipping service provider and send everything


Gartenstr. 11, 85570 Ottenhofen

We do not cover the costs for return shipping.

You can find further information -> Here

How long does delivery take?

The world is changing and we naturally adapt to it. Our delivery times are 2 days - 4 weeks. Our manufacturers are all over the world and we deliver directly from the manufacturer to your home. We don't have a large warehouse. The advantage of this method is that products and goods are not shipped twice and we save CO2 by using fewer resources.

Old method:

Manufacturer->packed->shipping warehouse->warehouse resources (electricity etc.)->we pack again->shipping to you

Our method:

Manufacturer->packaged->shipped to you

We will constantly inform you about your delivery status and also provide updates and a tracking number during this phase.

We are constantly working on optimizing this process to shorten the shipping time.

You are also welcome to write to us

We look forward to hearing from you and will respond promptly

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"Make your life sweet - Immerse yourself now and make fantasies become reality! #1 online shop for fantasy dildos."