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Welcome to LOLLYPOPPY - the cutest shop for fantasy dildos! We are a small team from Germany and have a passion for unforgettable intimate adventures. What makes us unique in Europe? Our focus on fantasy dildos! We've found that they add that little something extra and bring your fantasies to life. Trust us - we ship discreetly and ensure you receive your sweet secret safely. So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in our magical world and experience yourself in a new way!

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Our goal is to enchant you with our extraordinary fantasy dildos. Forget the usual - we bring you vibrant colors and unique designs that make you as special as our toys. You deserve more than the ordinary, and at LOLLYPOPPY that's exactly what you get! Immerse yourself in our world full of color and fantasy and relive yourself with our unique erotic items. Because you are unique - and that should be your intimate life too! We are proud to be the best shop for exceptional fantasy dildos and promise to always provide you with the best. Let's ignite the magic together and make your most intimate dreams come true!


our toys do not follow any gender

They are unique like you, no matter who you are and how you feel.

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Lollypoppy's team is small

We are proud to have taken this step and will continue to grow. We're all about more joy and fantasy in bed

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let yourself go and experience yourself anew.

You deserve it and we know it. We want you to feel more than with simple dildos

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We have an open ear for anyone who buys from us or just wants to take a quick look. We always look forward to suggestions and constructive criticism. That's not a saying that we know so you can only get better. We are not a large company with 100 employees, but we are small and personal. No matter whether via the chat in the shop, Instagram, Twitter or via email. We answer as quickly as possible and always work in a solution-oriented manner. In 25 years we have been able to learn a great deal in the service industry and we still have the confidence to do so. There is a solution for every situation.

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