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EDGING takes you hard to the limit and lets you feel your orgasm more intensely

EDGING - Danger of explosion

Actually, I think we've been practicing edging since we were teenagers. When we thought someone would come into the bathroom or the room.

If you are now wondering what is edging, then I can tell you that it is a form of orgasm control. You stimulate yourself or another person close to orgasm, be it by hand or with the help of a machine. Every time just before the climax you stop. You have to be very excited and just before the "point of no return" you stop. This should happen several times so that the appeal is always higher.

I'm a big fan of it. Lots of oil or lubricant, I'm on a chair or flat in bed, it has to be very comfortable and I'm being massaged extensively. I like it when he gets even plumper, especially in the cock ring. Even with a masturbator it's just awesome. It's nice alone, but it's much nicer when someone does it for you. The orgasm is then simply much more intense.

I came across it in my twenties through my very experienced neighbor. She started delaying my orgasm more and more. I understand too, I was young and still inexperienced and didn't know that sex could last longer than 5 minutes😛. Whenever that happened, I got even hornier and then exploded. Since then I can walk longer and stand longer. Every man should practice this. I should do the same with her, especially if I have satisfied her orally. She then got very loud and somehow I always thought that she had me for it at that moment because she always gave me a really angry look when I stopped just before 😛. It also happened to me that a woman injected me in my face for the first time. She told me at the time that she had to have this kind of orgasm every now and then. Why? Because after that, if I just touched her nipples, she would come. I often just caressed her labia afterwards and she had an orgasm. She said it was different than usual and she loves that so much about it. In the course of my life I have of course continued to practice this and I have to say that in most cases the woman reacts even more violently to slight irritation afterwards. Just between us, I like it when I control her orgasm too. This feeling of power also makes me horny. However, it requires a lot of discipline for yourself.

For those who would like to try it out for themselves, I recommend the "THROUGH" in our shop it's just awesome a nice water-based lubricant and off you go. But always remember to stop right before the "point of no return" and don't wait for it to go limp again, no, it has to stay hard. Of course, it's still the hottest with a cock ring . You can't stand it. Or you do it to each other. For the thrill of the clitoris I can recommend "The Point" . At its peak, it has exactly the power you need.

So how about you, have you ever used yourself to climax like this, or someone else? Is this something for you, did you want to try it?

We look forward to every comment. Let us know.

Until then



1 comment on EDGING takes you hard to the limit and lets you feel your orgasm more intensely
  • Stefan
    StefanJune 11, 2022

    Genau so habe ich es auch kennengelernt und bin jedesmal so geil darauf. Ich mag es, wenn es meine Freundin bei mir macht.

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