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honey, is he better?

Cockolding - More affection for his wife is not possible

Is it just about that? Humiliating your own partner?

For me cockolding is a very exciting form of fetish, attitude to life or just an area of BDSM. No matter what category it belongs in, I find it very exciting. But what is Cockolding about? This is also a question I ask myself all the time. Mostly what you hear from couples is that it's a form of humiliation and power play. But that's not enough for me, I think there's more. For me it would not be humiliating if another man slept or fu😛😛t with my wife and I just had to watch. It's just a confirmation for me when another man makes my wife happy with his rock-hard co 😛😛z. My wife makes the stranger so horny, that means I have a very hot wife and I'm strong enough to endure it.

However I think there is more. How does this humiliation come about, by fixing the man or by verbally cheering on the stranger to show your own man how useless he is in bed. That's the only way I can imagine it. And indeed, that's what it's about. The word cuckold derives from the English word cuckoo, implying that the female cuckoo foists her egg on others for incubation. Transferred to humans, it would be something like that: the woman foisted a cuckoo child on her husband and thereby humiliated him. Of course only in a figurative sense. In my research, I've found that it's simple situations that get couples into this type of play. Be it an erectile dysfunction, a penis that is too small or that the man no longer finds himself attractive in his own body. Whatever it is, it's all consensual.

How the game is played, both have discussed together beforehand. Which limits are not exceeded. Often the so-called bulls (that's what the strange men are called) who satisfy the woman more often or longer are there, something like a purely sexual relationship. Of course, the man also knows him and acts either as a servant or as an extra or voyeur. As a voyeur, he mostly acts quietly and very passively. and has to watch his wife as her chosen man satisfies her. In my eyes, that must be true love. Because such a couple live in a very trusting partnership. What do you think about it? Is this something for you? Do you already live like this?

Let us know.

In this sense



1 comment on honey, is he better?
  • Veronik
    VeronikJune 04, 2022

    Er schau definitiv nur zu. Er darf nicht einmal sich dabei anfassen. Wenn wir alleine sind. Darf er es sich vor mir selber machen.

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