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CMNF/CFNM - That's how I like you best!

CMNF/CFNM is probably the most exciting and also the simplest game of power.

Everyone's probably had a quickie with just their pants down. But you can't compare that with it. It's a much more appealing variety and a kink that's definitely slumbering in all of us.

What is CMNF or CFNM ? Written out it says " Clothed Male , Naked Female " or " Clothed Female , Naked Male ", translated it means "Dressed Man , Naked Woman " or " Dressed Woman , Naked Man ", loosely translated. Just the thought of it lets the head cinema begin. I don't know which would appeal to me more, me naked or me dressed, difficult. In this game, I'm a switcher. But let's start thinking about it. What is played? It's about power, power over the naked person. Because the dressed part can live out his voyeuristic lust on the naked person and the person can also live out her exhibitionistic lust on herself, a stimulus is created that pleases both of them. She is presented to the clothed part, who has full insight and power over the most intimate parts.

Is your head cinema starting now too? I'm really excited about this game. Some couples prefer to do it in private, but then there are these parties, the CMNF parties, where every man shows his wife off, taking the game to the extreme, the voyeurism and exhibitionism being lived out to the fullest. You don't know who might suddenly be a guest at these parties . The colleague from the office, the neighbors or your dentist, no matter who. I think that's also a great attraction, not knowing who can see you and what happens then. Of course there are also women who mask themselves during such a session. The mask probably serves that ο»ΏSelf-protection. The parties always have a dress code , usually the gentleman wears black trousers and a white shirt. The accompaniment should be naked, but this is not taken so seriously at some events. Sexy harnesses , chokers or body chains that emphasize the lady's hot curves are also very welcome. If you are looking for something pretty, we offer -> here <- exactly what you need in our shop.

How do you like this kink? Have you tried it yet?

Tell us more about it.

Until then


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